Cambridge Carnivorous is an introduction to Carnivorous Plants with growing guides, introductions to their botany and photo galleries. Cambridge Carnivorous also has links to resources from other sites such as articles and video clips as well as the best carnivorous plant websites and plant profiles.


The aim of Cambridge Carnivorous is to educate beginners on Carnivorous Plants. While they are many Carnivorous Plant websites, most of these are designed by large scale hobbyists who sometimes just can’t understand what those of use who are interested but only have a few plants or are just starting out need. I first became aware of this in 2006 when “the carnivorous plant society” website (which until that point had done the job nicely) had this content removed. It became my aim to do my best to create an introduction to the world of carnivorous plants which is easy to read and understand.

My website includes guides to plants which I have gown myself in the past as well as photo galleries showing some of them. I have written guides to carnivorous plant botany which I have thoroughly researched from both books and the web. I have also included some of the articles and video clips on around the web that I have found most interesting. I have tried to make all this as easy as possible to read and understand and I hope I have succeeded.



For History please visit the looking back at 12 years of Cambridge Carnivorous post on my blog


I hope you enjoy reading my website as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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