BBC Earth News – discovery of new species of Nepenthes

Explores the discovery of Nepenthes attenboroughii and other carnivorous plants found in the same area



BBC Earth News - How Bladderworts work

Learn how Bladderworts cach their prey



BBC Earth News – Venus flytrap

Explores the evolutionary path of the Venus flytraps and how it is related with other carnivorous plants



Nature – termite eating Pitcher

The Science behind the amazing traps of Nepenthes albomarginata



Nature - new type of Carnivorous Plant Discovered

New discovery of a plant which catches and digests worms using underground leaves. The plant was not known to be carnivorous



Microscopy-uk – the purple pitcher plant

Explores the traps of Sarracenia Purpurea under the Microsope – Pea sized frog found living in nepenthes in Borneo

The discovery of a tiny new frog living in nepenthes | Gardening - Carnivorous Plants

An introduction to Carnivorous plants which can be grown outdoors in the UK



Fauna and Flora International - New Nepenthes discovered in Cambodia

Discovery of a new species of nepenthes which grows from a rhizome




New Scientist - Ants which dive into Nepenthes pool

discover how one species of Ant survives living in Nepenthes pitchers



New Scientist - Carnivorous Plant found in amber is 40 million years old

Find out what this new fossil find is teaching us about Carnivorous plant evolution.



BBC Nature - How Carnivorous Plants affected by pollution

Carnivorous plants are relying less on insects because of higher levels of nitrogen.



Cambridge University - Heliamphora uses wet hairs to become slippery

Learn about how Heliamphora traps insects using wettable hairs



Cambridge University - Nepenthes gracilis captures prey using rain drops

Discover how Nepenthes gacilis traps it's prey using a springboard like



BBC Earth News - Many Carnivorous glow florescent blue to attract their prey

Learn about how many carnivorous plants glow blue when exposed to UV razes



BBC Earth News – Nepenthes Shrew poo

Learn about the relationships between Nepenthes and tree shrews.



BBC Earth News - Pitcher Plant roosting Bats

Learn about the discovery of a bat which roosts in a Nepenthes of Borneo.



BBC News – Sundew and spiders compete

Find out how wolf spiders and sundews compete



BBC News - Introduced pitcher plants removed from Lake District wetland

When introduced to a non-native bog environment Sarracenia can become naturalised and invasive



Nature – could carnivorous plants help produce new antibacterial products

Can nepenthes help produce new antibacterial products. This article from nature suggests that this may be possible.



Independent – Newly discovered  Philippino Nepenthes at risk of extinction

Learn how habitat loss is threatening many new species of Nepenthes including 12 found just last year



Independent – Could tomatoes be carnivorous

There have been suggestions that many species of common plants could be carnivorous, but how could this be true. find out and make up your own mind.



Independent - Nepenthes cultivated by Borneo Exotics is new to science

Nepenthes species shown at the Chelsea Flower Show seven years ago is discovered to be a new species



Independent - Kew Garden Nepenthes is new species

A Nepenthes which has being grown in Kew Gardens for the last 10 years is discovered to be a new species – Ecosystems of the purple pitcher plants

Learn about what can be learnt from the ecosystems of the purple pitcher plant



New Scientist - Super slippery material inspired by Nepenthes

 Learn about the new materials inspired by Nepenthes pitchers - Nepenthes offers shelter to ants

Learn how a species of nepenthes offers shelter to ants in return for faeces and also protection



BBC Nature - David Attenborough's life lessons

Find out about how our knowledge of Nepenthes rajah has changed since the Private life of Plants



Loughborough University - are Redish carnivorous plants coloured that way to atract prey?

Discover new research shows that this may not be true




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