Creating a Mini bog Garden

"A Bog in a Pot"



First put your pot in place. It should be a large pot with at least half a foot between most plants

Then put the Plastic sheeting in place. This will make sure that your pot is waterproof, use old compost/grow bags.

Put your compost in. Use 50% peat and 50% sand as most carnivorous plants do well in this. If you don't have any peat you can recycle old peat based grow bag compost which has been used and depleted for several years.

Plant out your plants.

Sarracenia are excellent plants to grow outside because they can survive heavy frosts

Our native Sundews and Butterworts such as Drosera rotundifolia, D.anglica, D.longifolia and P.vulgaris would work very well.


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If you do not have enough space or have the wrong type of soil you can still grow carnivorous plants outside. You can make a mini bog Garden or "A Bog in a Pot"

To start with you need

  • 1 large pot or container
  • Plastic sheeting to line the pot and block any drainage holes
  • Compost
  • And finally your plants


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