All nurseries featured on this page have an active online shop or are national collection holders

Little shop of Horrors

Online shop of Southwest Carnivorous plants based in Devon, regular contributors at The Chelsea Flower show with reasonably priced plants and care guides for all their main plants. They state that all plants are sold ready potted



Wack's Wicked Plants

North Yorkshire based nursery specialising in carnivorous plants for beginners



The Fly Trap Plants

Norfork based carnivorous plant nursery  selling a wide range of plants




General nurseries with carnivorous plant collections



The Lost World Nursery

 Lancashire based nursery with a large collection of carnivorous plants



Jersey Plants Direct

Jersey based nursery with compact and seasonal selection of carnivorous plants




UK based online nursery with a varied collection of carnivorous plants




A Dutch nursery with a large choice of Carnivorous plants. Price is in Euros.




Hampshire Carnivorous plants

An award winning Carnivorous Plant nursery and regular contributors at The Chelsea Flower show. They have basic growing guides. Their plants are of all different types and are reasonably priced, they also have a large range of Carnivorous plant books on offer and basic composts and materials. Most plants are sold ready potted



Hewitt-Cooper carnivorous plants

The National collection holders for Drosera has many unusual plants



Carnivore Plants

Carnivorous Plant nursery with a large collection of Venus flytraps and other plants: - Plants are sold ready potted



Insektenfang Plants

UK based nursery with large choice of Sarracenia. Website also has a forum.



Triffid Nurseries

Suffolk Carnivorous plant nursery with a large selection of seeds and plants



Essex Carnivorous plants

Essex based nursery which specialises in Sarracenia and venus flytraps.



National collections

PJ Plants

Shropshire Sarracenia

National collections of Sarracenia




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