Tropical Pitcher Plant


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Growing Guide


Potting up and Compost

Most Nepenthes do well a compost of 50% peat 50% orchid bark, they need a more open compost than other carnivorous plants as they live to trees, you could also try leaf mould and bark because of this. Use a pot which quite a lot of space and if your old compost gets dry the first thing you should do is change the compost


Growing on a windowsill

Highland Nepenthes can be grown indoors on a shaded windowsill, however they need a humid environment without getting the soil to wet. You can create this environment by putting a tray of water next to the plant or by growing the plant in a very tall pot. The pitchers need very high humidity to form but when they do form they form very well. The best plants to grow are the highland species or hybrids because they can stand the temperatures in our homes. In general if you grow orchids you should be able to grow highland Nepenthes.


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