The time has come for change and this is where it begins


Verson 4 of Cambridge Carnivorous (which was supposed to be the last) has been online for 4 years and has not been updated since. WIth photo galleries which don't work properly the site has since flopped. This together with dead links all over the place means I have decided to make a new verson over the next few months this time using free web design software. The key improvements to verson 5 will be:

  1. New home page
    1. New and better Photo Galleries
    2. Improved Links pages


I hope you like my new site. It will hopefully be online soon and this time it will hopefully be a future proof site that will need minimal updates


I hope to build on the successful features of prevous site versons including:-

  1. New colour scheme which will be pink and purple
  2. Better navigation based on series 3 and 4
  3. Improved links and directories
  4. Improved photo galleries now with a better scroll feature.
  5.  A smart new logo



I also hope hope the site will be back on google and bing before long so you can find the Cambridge Carnivorous Plants website online.




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