Cambridge Carnivorous has now been online for almost 16 years and I’ve made 4 different versions of the site. However the current version which has been online for 5 years has never worked well so I am planning a big update: - version 5 will include a new Pink and purple colour scheme, and a proper photo gallery which really works (possibly using flickr). I will also include photos from my holiday to the Ise of Skye last year. I will include several species which are new to me. I will also update the native plants page with better information from a new book on native carnivorous plants. The site will also now be mobile and tablet compatible.

I had intended to update over Christmas but I had no access to the internet due to the fact that I had moved and I only managed to get the internet last month.


Due to the fact that I am doing English and Maths courses this year I will not not be able to start on it until the early summer.

I hope to make this version the final one so I can move on to other projects.



Francis Meyer





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