Cambridge Carnivorous has now been online for almost 19 years and I’ve made 4 different versions of the site. However the current version which has been online for 7 years has never worked well so I am planning a big update: - version 5 will include a new Pink and purple colour scheme, and a proper photo gallery which really works. I will also include photos from my holiday to the Ise of Skye from 2019 including several species which are new to me. I will also update the native plants page with better information from Stewart McPherson's book on native carnivorous plants. I will also reintroduce the book review with several different books. The site will also now be mobile and tablet compatible.


The development of the site was first delayed due to the unexpectedly slow delivery of the books and then further delayed due to me catching covid just before christmas. I now intend to develop and launch the new site in January 2023.

The website is 3 years behind schedule but I hope to get it all ready really soon.




Francis Meyer




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