Video Clips

New Scientist – Nepenthes

New discovery about how carnivorous plant trap their prey



New Scientist - Bladderworts

Video demonstrating how Bladderworts close on their prey



BBC - Attenborough: Nepenthes rajah feeds on tree shew droppings

David Attenborough looks into the discoveries since The Private Life of Plants of Nepenthes rajah and its relationship with tree shrews



BBC - Attenborough: mammals feeding from Nepenthes rajah at night

Looking at new images showing small mammals feeding in the trap of Nepenthes Rajah



BBC Life - Venus flytrap

Learn about the Venus flytrap and how they cach their prey



BBC Life - Sundews

Clip from Life about sundews



BBC Planet Earth - Nepenthes and the Red crab spider

Clip from planet earth looking at the relationship between Nepenthes and the Red crab spider.


BBC living Britain - sundew

BBC video showing the trapping methods of sundews in the new forest



BBC - Nepenthes uses rain to catch ants

Video showing how Nepenthes gracilis uses it's lid to catapult prey into the trap



Private Life of Plants Nepenthes

Clip from The Private Life of Plants looking at Nepenthes.



Private Life of Plants Sarracenia and Dionaea

Clip from The Private Life of Plants looking at the Trumpet pitcher and the Venus flytrap



Private Life of Plants - Carnivorous Plants of Mount Roraima

Clip from the Private life of Plants showing Marsh Pitchers and Bladderworts



Private Life of Plants - Sundews of Mount Roraima

Clip from Private Life of Plants showing the sundews of Mount Roraima



BBC Nature Damsels in distress

Video showing showing sundews caching damselflies



BBC Oddie Goes Wild butterwort

Bill Oddie finds a butterwort in the Hebrides



BBC Oddie Goes Wild bladderwort

Bill Oddie tells us about the bladderwort



Highland Nepenthes at the Eden Project

The Eden Projects Guide to Nepenthes



Kew gardens Nepenthes

A guide on the Nepenthes collection at Kew gardens



Cambridge University - Heliamphora uses wettable hairs to capture it's prey

Watch how Heliamphora captures its prey using wet hairs.




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