Ip – forum

Comprehensive forum run by a UK based nursery. Find out more about how to grow carnivorous plants from experienced growers



International carnivorous plant society

The website of the international carnivorous plant society has a large amount of resources including an FAQ, forum, a Photo Finder and a web-ring of carnivorous plant websites



California Carnivores

US Carnivorous Plant nursery with a large photo gallery. The owner has written a great book on cultivation called The Savage Garden





The Carnivorous Plant Society

The UK's main Carnivorous plant organisation site has articles on cultivation including less common species. There is also a Blog with other articles of further interest.



Plant Profiles


Botanical Society of America – Carnivorous plants


Royal Horticultural Society - Carnivorous plants


Eden Project - Carnivorous Plants Blog post


Kew Gardens Profiles

Public collections

Carnivorous Plants behind the scenes





Darwin Online - Insectivorous Plants

Charles Darwin's book showing his work on carnivorous plant including Sundews, Bladderworts and Venus flytraps



A Modern Herbal - Sundew

A Modern Herbal - Pitcher Plant

Learn how sundews and pitcher plants were used in folk medicine




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