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Growing outside

It is easiest in our climate to grow Sarracenia outdoors and this is possible both by planting out straight into the ground or by planting out into a water proof pot or bog garden if you live in chalky soils. Sarracenia is very easy to grow outside and indeed flower rather well outdoors, this is because Sarracenia needs to go dormant to flower properly and it helps if you have enough cool weather.  


Growing indoors

Sarracenia can also be grown indoors quite easily, however if your conditions are too warm

then the plant will not grow dormant which means that it will not rest and thus will not live as long and struggle to flower. If you do grow indoors then the colours of the plants will be very good and Sarracenia species are all very good fly traps. The best method of growing indoors is to put the pot which the plant is in on a tray standing in at least 2cm of water


Growing from seed

Growing from seed is quite hard with Sarracenia because they need to go dormant for 3 months before you sow them and they also are very hard to germinate. They are also hard to look after at that early stage because it can be very fiddly to look after them at that early stage. If you do want to grow from seed use seeds you know are fresh.



Sarracenia flowers best if you have your plant growing outside, this is mainly because the plants have had a proper dormancy and now have the strength to flower. They flower mainly in spring about March to April and sometimes the flowers are so tall that you may need to stake them up, only mature plants flower and then only when they have the proper conditions but when they do flower they all flower very well.


Potting up and Compost

When you pot up your Sarracenia use a mix of 50% peat to 50% sand. (this is the standard mix you can get at Garden Centres and nurseries) If you want more plants it is very easy to divide Sarracenia, you just cut a side shoot off with a pair of secateurs.


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